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Giving back to my community is a principle that I have followed throughout my lifetime. In my family of origin, we lacked for nothing. We never had to worry about having food on the table, clothes on our backs, or shelter over our heads. I grew up in a military family, and we were always taught to ‘walk tall, act right,’ and if we ever fell down, to pull ourselves up ‘by our bootstraps’. It all seems very easy when you are under your parents’ wings and raised in an environment where this theory is part of your everyday life - simply second nature to your way of living.

After spreading my wings as an adult, and always being involved in church in some way, shape, fashion or form, it was a practice I continued to incorporate. I always thought it was important to help those who were ‘less fortunate’. Upon going through my own life’s upheaval, and being in a very desperate position that took years to recover from, experiencing what being on the other end, or, one of the ‘less fortunate’ was like (which is an extremely humbling position to experience in life) I learned a very valuable lesson. You can either stay dismally ‘stuck’ in the aftermath, or you can learn to move on and let your experience help you to become ‘better’, not ‘bitter’. I believe that continually giving back to the ‘Universe’, whether it be tithing at your local church or choosing a particular organization to donate either your time and/or money to is a very spiritually healthy way to live.

As a business owner and provider, I have chosen to offer massage at a discount for all U.S. Military personnel as well as donate 10% of all proceeds to It is my way of giving back to those who have served for the ideals of freedom that we value so greatly in this Country.

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